Play with Loops is a simple and practical iOS music application that allows you to practice with a large selection of drum loops, all performed by Canadian drummer Emmanuelle Caplette.

The quality of the loops in Play with Loops is a crucial element at the core of the app, and Emmanuelle provided a total of 80 loops in styles ranging from rock and funk to jazz and latin.

The metronome is an essential tool in the arsenal of any musician, and Play with Loops can be simply seen as metronome with soul. Acquiring a good time is a fundamental asset, whichever the instrument or style of music one plays. Play with Loops provides the important steady pulse that is essential in practicing, combined with an array of useful rhythms, all performed by a world-class drummer.

The loops are categorized into three styles: Rock, Latin and Jazz. You can use caplette476the filter panel to select one or more particular styles and/or time signatures. Each loop is played by default in the original recorded tempo, but can also easily be slowed down and speeded up.

On one hand, practicing scales with Play with Loops will become more interesting, but more importantly, the various rhythms available allow you to practice certain grooves with the perfect musical partner, and make you improve as a player.

Play with Loops is easy to use from the get go and will quickly become your perfect practicing partner!